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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Untitled John McCain Post

The following was paid for by John Brodigan for a Better America

There are still a few days to go before the start of the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, and the first endorsement appears to have been made with Sen. Trent Lott "throwing his support" the way of Sen. John McCain. So sayeth "CNN's Morning Grind" e-newsletter:

...Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) appears to have snagged the endorsement of Sen. Trent Lott (R-Mississippi). Lott tells the Grind that when he takes the stage in Memphis on Saturday, his remarks will focus on "the Republican Party in the South and about my friend John McCain."

...In typical Lott-speak, the Mississippi Republican said he wouldn't characterize the speech, "as an endorsement necessarily," but he noted that McCain will accompany him to a Mississippi delegation reception Friday night and then tour areas of the Mississippi Gulf Coast destroyed by Hurricane Katrina on Saturday afternoon.

This is interesting for two reasons. There have been rumours that Sen. Lott has wanted to return to a leadership position (he was the Majority Leader before stepping down after making an idiotic comment concerning Strom Thurmond's past run for the Presidency). With Sen. Bill Frist retiring as Majority Leader and Sen. Rick Santorum (the #3 guy) facing elimination this year, Lott might be positioning himself to take one of their jobs by latching on to the '08 front runner.

What's even more interesting (although not surprising) is that the front runner is John McCain. Could it be that the real staunch devout ultra uber conservatives are starting to warm up to the idea of a McCain presidency?

I never understood their beef with McCain in the first place. He's one of the few who actually talks about fiscal responsibility. He's on the side of the President more often that he's not, is on his side for most of the big issues, and is even to the right in some instances of defense and national security. He's pro-life and anti-gay marriage, so that should satisfy the Bible belt. Yes he's broken ranks with the GOP on issues like stem cell research and the environment, but lots of others have done so as well. So what's the beef other than he doesn't cater to "the base" as much as "the base" would like, and he doesn't hate Democrats?

As far as catering to the base is concerned, I'm not naive. I may think he shoots straighter than most other politicians...but he's still a politician. Catering to "the base" somewhat is a necessary evil to make sure people go out to vote and/or send you money. As long as he doesn't complete bend over for them, I can deal with a William Rehnquist Law Center for the University of Arizona and the occasional dig at Senator Clinton.

And the "not hating Democrats?" That's a good thing. Different people with different ideas working together is that this country was founded on, yet we've become so polarized I feel we could be headed for a civil war. More and more there seems to be less of a concern to do what's good for the people and more of a concern for being spiteful towards the other guy. Seriously, what would stop a Republican President from one day saying, "You know, my party will never get the Northeast's electoral votes. To hell with them?" What would stop a Democrat from saying the same about the South and Midwest? Most scream, "I'm right, you're wrong!" McCain says, "We both love America, just with different ideas of how. I feel mine are better."

Call me crazy, but isn't a quality we should want in a President? People trust him. Imagine that? A leader people trust.

Personally, I think what you're really starting to see is what I've been saying all along. Try as the far right moght to find someone else, as they start to think long and hard about the words "President Rodham Clinton" they're starting to realize that none of their favourite sons have a chance of beating her.

Now they all need to realize what a great choice their only choice actually is.


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